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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Keeping Pests Out: Rodent-Proofing Your Owings Mills Rental Home

Curious Chipmunk is Peering Through the Window of Your Owings Mills Rental PropertyWhen unsought pests entrench a rental home, they can initiate all breeds of dilemmas for the residents besides the landowner. Rodents are a remarkable burden in the winter because as the elements turn cold, they are heeding to locate a warm venue to perch and an unwavering food stock. Our homes essentially have both, making them into an overpowering enticement for mice, squirrels, rats, or other pests.

Holding up pests out of your Owings Mills rental households can be a frightening job, but there are a few easy remedies that can go a long way to waging your rentals rodent-free. For example, it’s pivotal to put out food sources that may possibly steer undesired rodents. Pet food, birdseed, grass seed, and fallen fruit from trees should be cleaned up or hived in hefty plastic basins with impenetrable lids.

Another beneficial task to put rodents out is to shut all possible way in around the household’s foundation, eaves, and soffits. Any cavities or channels should be packed with steel mesh, caulk, or plaster, and examined every now and then to hold the lids in one piece. Soaking cotton balls with peppermint oil and situating them in areas where rodents may possibly get into has also been reported to perform well and this procedure drops an amusing scent.

If you are beholden to equip pest control to your residents (various states do not demand landowners of single family homes to extend pest control so look to your local statutes) and natural methods aren’t keeping the pests outside, you might want to use traps or acquire an exterminator as an alternative to control the problem. Needless to say, making use of traps, poisons, or other norms proffer considerable exposures to residents and their pets unless used warily and in the approved manner.

As a landowner, adding rodent-proofing to your lengthy list of winterizing tasks may deem like one heavy obligation too many. It can be tough to commemorate to analyze the foundations and eaves of each property, as well as observe the home for its handling of plausible pest-attracting food sources.

You could do it all yourself, or you could contact Real Property Management Essentials instead. We to bring forth inclusive property management programs that incorporate checking and regulating the dependability of your property to keep the rodents out and your residents delighted. Keep your rental properties rodent-free all winter by contacting our team of professionals today! Contact us online or call us at 410-832-3138 today and learn about all of our property management services.

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